Sex + Sovereignty 

A 5 week Live Course to
ignite your p*ssy, access your wild and awaken your self leadership 


Access your untamed self and the sovereign p*ssy owner you are

coming APRIL 2024


awaken your body

Shed the stories your body has been carrying so you wake up full of energy, excited about life and connected to your life-force energy.

Break free from the shackles of patriarchy that keeps you playing safe in your relationship to sex, your sovereignty and your choices.

Improve your relationship with yourself.

Open up an inner world
of true confidence and authority.

Shed the layers that hold you back, whilst leaning into your own deeper wisdom.

You desire to be a part of a non judgemental, celebratory, wild group of people. (Yes you are wild enough!)

Make decisions that are pleasure positive through a deeper awareness and acceptance of your desires.

Find more space for yourself.

Discover the answer to what you’re looking for inside you! 

You want to ignite your sexuality and p*ssy + have it fuel all areas of your life.

Hold the possibility to meet sadness and move it through your body.

awaken your body

this class is for you if your are open to:

After 5 weeks together...

  • Your days begin, ooze, and end with a source of pleasure and excitement your access from a source deep within yourself.
  • A firm NO, without explaining is your new normal.
  • An easy YES to unknown forbidden fruits feels exciting but safe.
  • Your future looks appetising, exciting, and fulfilling as you start making choices that reflect the woman you are.
  • Your relationship with yourself finally feels alive, intimate and exciting for the future are building with your body, not against it. against it.

learn to awaken self leadership + Sexuality 



Savannah - UK

Chloe took me through a process where I was able to connect with a new place in me. This was an incredibly powerful time where I realized my own strength and power. As a result, my triggers in one area of life have been healed.

dani - UK

It was not what I expected but better! I often enthuse about the power of neurobiology and the weaving together of parts-of-self, and I am delighted to have had this unexpected opportunity to work in such a direct, hands on way. 

emma - UK

This made me feel more empowered and grounded and gave me permission to take up more space in my own life. I’ve stopped putting myself last and am starting to allow myself to ask for what I want and need. 

sabrina - UK

I loved how much Chloe ‘got’ me. I loved that it appeared to me that she really valued where I am at regarding my age and stage of life as a woman. The context was going to the deeper level of my very being. 

I have over 20 years of intimate space holding, I'm a 5rhythms ecstatic dance teacher, dance movement psychotherapist and a Love, Sexuality and Relationship coach. 

I believe that by accessing our sacred sexuality we create leadership and unlimited creativity in our lives. 

My unique approach uses neurological science, tantric practice, ecstatic dance and proven methods to heal and awaken an ever-increasing desire for yourself, your relationships and your life. 

We work to dismantle the body stories, histories, upbringing, religious influences, and current culture that are keeping you from unapologetic ownership of yourself, your body and your innate self leadership.

Hi, I’m Feral Grace

Chloe de Sousa

Sex + Sovereignty 

Tune in as I explain how directly connected self leadership and sexuality are with clear guidance, practices, and a whole heap of liberated fun and music!

what you'll learn:

  • How to listen to the sacred centre of your body.
  • Practices that allow you to take back your power and own your truth.
  • Ways to fuel your passion and let go of the past.
  • How to increase your pleasure.
  • How to access your leadership from your deeply, authentic centre.

a 5 week live course

5 weeks / 5 live classes

Inside each module you'll receive:

A 2 hour live - session where we will introduce the theme of the week, have a sexuality awakening practice, and a dance / movement to help integrate the practice. We will then close the class with a group support session and open space for takeaways.

A guided meditation to listen to connected to each module.

A Free Journal prompt PDF to support your journey.

The playlist from each session to dance to whenever.

Access to our class portal for replays + resources.


Understanding what is Sovereignty:
  • So you know how to set your compass to pleasure.
  • So when work calls you press mute and continue to your blissed out-self date.
  • So you easily assert your yes and no.
  • So sexuality fluidly infuses your leadership and creativity.
  • So you take time to love you first. 

  • Invoke your inner attitude.
  • Dance your ecstatic self-ownership.
  • Set your juicy intentions - for your sexuality and self-leadership.
  • Come together in group resonance and inherent oracle of the body.


Sovereignty + Sex

week 1

Our classes at a glance

You will ...

Understanding the pelvic charge + unlimited resource of p*ssy
  • So she can speak the juice of her truth to you.
  • So you make decisions that support the true trajectory of your happiness and expansion.
  • So you courageously leave the job, start the career, change the relationship or just get more f.ckin honest about what you need.
  • Discover the heartbeat of your p*ssy womb and feel unlimited love for the rest of your life from her.

You will ...
  • Listen to your body until it starts to move.
  • Hear the divine intelligence of your own s*x and  p*ssy that liberates you, your creativity and unlimited connection to source.
  • Come together to support and celebrate each other's glory and paths.


P*ssy Yoni as Source 

week 2

Clear your p*ssy or womb of unwanted energy
  • To awaken the multi-orgasmic, bliss filled, pleasure rich person you are.
  • To increase your pleasure volumes so you'll need that squirt blanket and be smiling, moist in the every day, whatever we're doing.
  • So you can taste the fruit of what we knew was possible.
  • To expand your org.asmic capacity exponentially and let your life infuse with this. Yes to this!
  • To know your yes, no and direction because you know you’re the expert on you.

You will ...
  • Melt experiences and giving rise to increased pleasure. 
  • Get moist on your own bliss capacity.
  • Celebrate the about your strength and capacity for joy.
  • Affirm the glory of your body and deep intelligence. 


Healing + Volumes of Pleasure

week 3

Shed the layers that hold you back. Yes, this is deep!
  • To increase your worthiness and lavishly let in what you desire.
  • So you step into your sensuous leadership by knowing yourself.
  • So you break through with joy, to embody your lush dreams and radical intentions. 
We will move ourselves into worthiness. You'll witness your nervous system align with you and feel how good this gets! 
We will dance to bring in more juice. This sistership is on course for blissful birthright y'all!

Stepping Up + Embody Power

week 4

Stand deep in you ...
  • So you can identify your North Star and compass, to know your dream direction.
  • So you can use pleasure and wildness as your unlimited resource
  • To know how to "ovarian breathe"and fuel your creativity. 
We will head in the direction of pleasure and set our courses for bliss with our Oracle intention. We'll let the yoni perfection of our bodies feed us with all we need to do this!

You Rock!

week 5

researve your spot



I am well off and I can pay

4 monthly payments

a month

RESErve your spot

I am in!


I want to do this but money is a squeeze

I am in!

i am in!

Do it. You won’t regret it. This work is incredibly valuable and so transformative and worth a whole lot more than you will pay. Chloe is a gift and a joy to work with. 

I loved how much Chloe ‘got’ me. I loved that it appeared to me that she really valued where I am at regarding my age and stage of life as a woman. The context was going to the deeper level of my very being. 

Chloe is a gift and a joy to work with. It is not counseling. It is very directive but offered in a very life affirming and valuing way. 


Who can attend this course?

This course is for p*ssy owners.

How long will each session be?

 Each session will be 90 mins.

Can I have a playback? 

All sessions will be recorded and added to your class portal for playback.

Can I message chloe in between sessions?

You will have 1:1 access to Chloe via Whats App for the entirety of the course.

Are the dance sessions live? 

Yes, the sessions are live.  

I think I have trauma on this topic...

If you have trauma that needs 1:1 support. Please talk to Chloe about this and she will see how to help you.